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Students' Main Challenges

  • Choosing the Right Universities Within Budget: Students find it hard to pick universities that match their budget.
  • Repetitive Applications to Multiple Universities: Applying to different universities means creating the same profile, uploading the same documents, and paying multiple application fees.
  • Lack of Guidance on Scholarship Appeals: Students struggle to seek guidance on how to appeal for more scholarships.
  • ​Finding Trustworthy Service Providers : Locating reliable vendors for education loans, forex, and other essential services is a challenge.
  • Navigating Opportunities Abroad: Students need assistance in identifying the right opportunities after reaching their international destination.
  • Sorting Through Generic Information Online: While generic information is available on the internet, students require precise guidance from an expert team.
  • Document Preparation Challenges: Poor preparation of documents for SOP, non-compliant visa applications, and other certificates often result in rejections.
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Discover the Study Metro Advantage !
  • 🌐 Global Connections and Expertise:
  • 👉As an AIRC certified company, Study Metro boasts a dedicated team with strong connections to delegates from international universities. We are committed to supporting our student community throughout their academic journey.
  • 🎓 Direct Interactions with University Delegates:
  • 👉Our events provide a platform for direct discussions with university delegates, addressing your queries, and exploring opportunities abroad. Break the barriers and connect with top institutions globally.
  • 🌍 Embrace the World, Grow with Confidence:
  • 👉In today's interconnected world, explore beyond the boundaries of a single place, city, or country. Gain confidence and broaden your horizons through international education.

Unlock Your International Education Journey with Study Metro - Your Gateway to Excellence
Are you an aspiring international student facing challenges such as finding the best-matching university, ensuring affordability, understanding the necessary preparations, and identifying the right opportunities? At Study Metro, we've identified and addressed these key concerns to make your study abroad dreams a reality.

 The 3 Pillars of Success

🎓 Offering:
While you may know how to apply for study abroad, we go beyond by guiding you on negotiation strategies and appealing for more scholarships.

🌟 Implementing:
Study Metro collaborates with you to strengthen your profile, increasing your chances of securing noteworthy scholarships.

🛫 Sustaining:
Our support doesn't end with admissions; we prepare you for visa processes and post-landing activities.

How to Use Study Metro Cloud Portal:

  • Step #1 - Register on Study Metro Portal
  • Step #2 - Search your dream university or programs along with Application app fee waiver universities.
  • ​Step #3 Make your Study Abroad Profile here
  • ​Step #4 Add application to your dream university
  • ​Step #5 Apply for 20+ services like Education loan etc
  • ​Step #6 Learn all Test Prep (IELTS /GRE) etc free
  • ​Step #7 Enroll for Free online country training 

 A Comprehensive List of Benefits Using the Cloud Portal

  • Global University Access - Bridge continents with Study Metro, unlocking doors to 12,000+ universities and elite global education for you.
  • Profile Enhancement - Elevate your university appeal; our experts polish your profile to stand out in the competitive admission arena.
  • Streamlined Applications - Optimize your admission chances; our portal simplifies applying to multiple programs and universities simultaneously.
  • University Connectivity - Enjoy direct dialogue with university officials, ensuring your academic queries are addressed with precision.
  • Post-landing Assistance - Land abroad, worry-free; our comprehensive post-arrival services guarantee a seamless transition to your new educational home.
  • Service Provider Network - Leverage our network of service providers, from educational loans to travel, tailored to student needs.
  • University Matching - Match seamlessly with an ideal university; our insight-driven selection process aligns with your aspirations and goals.
  • And So Much More...

Your Free Bonuses

  • 👉 Priority Application Review         👉 Extended IELTS Access         👉 Exclusive Webinar with Alumni               👉  Ebook: 'The Study Abroad Handbook'
  • 👉 1-on-1 Career Counseling Session     👉  Visa Application Checklist          👉  Pre-departure Orientation    👉 Immigration Session with Legal Expert

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Get a certificate for attending each webinar event!
Speak to the University
Speak directly to the University/College delegates
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Meet best Abroad Colleges/Universities Under One Roof
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Free Admission Guidance and Career Counseling
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Variety of Courses and Colleges to Choose From

Your FAQ Guide!

Is the university selection provided by Study Metro really comprehensive?
Absolutely, we offer tailored options from over 12,000 universities worldwide to match your goals.
How can Study Metro help me obtain scholarships?
Our insider knowledge and negotiation strategies effectively increase your chances of securing significant scholarships
Are there hidden costs with Study Metro’s services?
No hidden costs; we pride ourselves on transparent services with waivers and zero processing fees.
I’m concerned about visa rejections. How can you help?
Our meticulous visa support and preparation aim to minimize rejection risks and ensure success.
Will I receive support from Study Metro once I land abroad?
Our comprehensive assistance continues post-landing to ensure a smooth transition for you.
What makes Study Metro different from other educational consultancies?
Our global connections, tailored support, and success-driven strategies set us apart.
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